6th MLMC Medical Logistics Management Center
Mission: When directed, 6th Medical Logistics Management Center (MLMC) deploys to provide centralized medical materiel lifecycle management to designated forces in order to sustain worldwide Geographical Combatant Command (GCC) contingency operations and Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA).
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Mission, Vision, Role of the MLMC

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Deploy, establish, integrate, and synchronize medical logistics operations in support of any Army or Joint Forces specified mission.


The First Call, Globally Responsive, and Trusted Experts providing Medical Logistics Solutions

Role of the MLMC

  • Primary missions/support requirements

    • Deploy and establish MMC operations
    • Provide regionally aligned MEDLOG teams to CCMDs for SIMLM operations
    • Support FORSCOM units at home station and when deploying (ie. C-M3, training, readiness management)

  • FORSCOM Roles for the 6th MLMC

    • Providing FORSCOM, MEDCOM/MRMC, and CCMDs and shared view of MEDLOG requirements, assets, capabilities, and performance
    • Coordinating the transfer of MLC support from MEDCOM (in CONUS) to a theater MMC or TLAMM operated by another Service
    • Assisting development of mission-tailored ASLs based on gaining CCMD requirements
    • Coordinating with DML partners and ensuring product and sourcing data for joint requirements is synchronized between units and supporting MEDLOG activities
    • Synchronizing the hand off of materiel from strategic readiness programs to MLC accountability
    • Updating unit address codes based on TPFDD, support plans, and distribution channels
    • Providing MEDLOG technical oversight and mentoring to medical logisticians and AHS leaders
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